Poziom i struktura kapitału zasobowego a wartość rynkowa giełdowych spółek akcyjnych

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The issues of the resource capital constitutes an important subject of the financial analysis of
the enterprise’s market value. Its task is among other things the realistic estimate of the resource
capital and its impact on the development of the enterprise’s market value come into a relevant
prominence. The fundamental purpose of this article is to demonstrate the strength and character of
the correlation between the volumes formed in terms of the Polish capital market. The review of
the hypothesis on strong relation between the level and structure of the resource capital and the
enterprise’s market value, has been conducted on the basis of the analysing Polish partnerships of
the industrial sector which are quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The surveys of correlations
and their significance have been preceded by the theoretical deliberations upon the essence of the
major factors which determine enterprise’s market value.
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