Struktura kapitału zasobowego a ocena efektywności giełdowych spółek akcyjnych

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The fundamental purpose of this article is to present the results of analysis the level and
structure of the resource capital of the selected companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
The empirical investigation are aimed at verification of the hypothesis which assumes that the
supplementary capital and self-financing capital plays the primary role in forming the book value
of the resource capital, also in companies about so formed structure of resource capital observed
higher profitability of total capital (total assets – ROA). This article presents the estimate of the
effectiveness of companies using nonparametric DEA method. It enables to determine the
effectiveness of objects at taking into consideration many inputs and many outputs and does not
require determining the functional relation between variables. The analysis has been carried out
using an input-oriented measure of efficiency and the constants returns to scale (CRS model).
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